Child of God Lullaby

The idea for this song came to me several years ago. Somehow the song "I Am a Child of God" sounded like "Cradle Song" by Johannes Brahms, the latter sometimes being referred to simply as Brahms' Lullaby. I worked on…

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First recordings made!

My daughter and I went to Rosewood Recording Studio this morning. I had a great experience making my first recordings. Guy explained everything and was very easy to work with. I now have not only sheet music, but some MP3…Read more

Recording music

After receiving feedback from many of you I've decided to have some songs professionally recorded. I have an appointment with a recording studio that has a Yamaha C7 grand piano! Those are great sounding pianos. I'm very excited to play…Read more

music trouble

I've liked music for longer than I can remember. My mother tells me that when she was pregnant with me I would "dance" whenever an organ or piano was played at church. I don't remember that, so I'll take her…Read more